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CBSE AFF.No. 1030837

Our School Rules and Regulation

  1. The medium or section of student shall not be changed under any circumstances
  2. On last Saturday of every month after recess, parents should come and meet the teachers of their ward to keep in touch with the progress or regress of the student.
  3. The education and character formation of each student is a mutually shared responsibility of school authorities, teachers, parents and guardians. Total responsibility should not be left to the teachers alone.
  4. The school will introduce useful programs policies from time to time, parents/guardians and wards are expected to co-oprate.
  5. Parents, guardians and other visitors are strictly forbidden to go to the class rooms, meet the student and consult with the teachers in the staff room during school hours without the written permission of the principal except on occasions stipulated for that.
  6. Parents are expected and strongly requested to look into the hard book of their son/daughter time to time and make note of remarks by the principal and teachers and acknowledge it by signing in their column.
  7. Parents/guardians are expected to co-operate with school authorities in enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline.
  8. Parents are requested to make complaints if any, directly tp school authorities. Not to teachers.
  9. The parents/guardians are expected to the school periodically and thus keep a close touch with the school authorities and teachers, they are expected to report immediately at the request of the principal in case of any default from the part of the ward, long and repeated refusal to report result in the dismissal of the student from the institution.
  10. The following students will be sent home, the school disowning responsibility
    • Those who fail to fulfill the rules of fees payment.
    • Those who break the disciplinary rules of the school.
    • Those who misbehave with the school authorities/teachers and violate the disciplinary norms of the school.


  1. All the students should invariably bring hand book to school everyday without fail.
  2. On school day, pupils should wear the prescribed uniform.
  3. All the students and teachers should join the assembly prayer and go to their respective class room in order and in silence
  4. Students are not allowed to make noise while passing by the corridors, class-room, staff-room and office where work is going on.
  5. Running, playing, shouting, howling, whisling and similar misbehaviours are strictly forbidden inside the school building and class rooms,against which stern action will be taken.
  6. No student shall remain in the class room during the games period.
  7. During school hours no student shall leave the school premises without permission of the principal
  8. Compensation will be charged from those who indulge in breaking and damaging of any school property
  9. Student should be punctual and regular in attendance. frequent leave taking for family and social functions is strictly discouraged. The school shall not be responsible for the slow progress of those who are irregular and late comers
  10. All English medium student are expected to speak ENGLISH at least when they are in the school premises
  11. Cycles/motorcycles are strictly forbidden to be kept locked in proper order etc. without prior permission from the principal
  12. The name of student who remains continuously absent for 15 days without permission or leave information will be cut from the attendance register.
  13. In case of any dispute or misunderstanding about the rules and norms of the school, the decision of the school managing committee shall be final.


  1. In this handbook one form is provided concerning leave, only those ought to be used, not letters. Leave record is meant to be used by parents/guardians in case of a leave required for serious resons. The handbook should be presented in the office that very day, well in time before attendance in taken or else, the student will be marked ABSENT by the teacher, in which case absence fine becomes due.
  2. A student who remain absent without getting the leave sanctioned should upon returning to the school, bring proper entry in the ABSENCE RECORD
  3. The names of those students who remain absent from school for more than 15 days without any application for leave signed by their parents guardians will be struck off from the school roll. In case they are readmitted, the usual admission fees will be charged afresh
  4. Attendance is compulsory on independence day. Republic day and on Gandhi jayanti.
  5. Notice of withdrawal should be given in writing to the school office by the parents guardian and not by the student herself/himself. The school leaving certificate will be issued one week after receiving the application from and verification of account


  1. Failure will not be eligible for any kind of fees concessions
  2. School fees may be increased from time to time without any prior notice according to the decision of the financial committee of the institution.
  3. Full amalgamated fees will be charged if the student is leaving the school after 15th July . once the student is enrolled in the class list, he she has to pay the fees whether present or absent in the class.
  4. In case of any dispute or misunderstanding about fees. The decision of the school managing committee will be final.
  5. A months notice is required before a student leaves the school. Otherwise the fees of that month will be charged even if the student leaves the school in the beginning of the month.
  6. No T.C. will be issued until all financial obligations are fully cleared .
  7. Intended withdrawl of a pupil must be noticed to the principal, otherwise the name will be kept on the roll and fees of the month will be charged.
  8. All fees should be paid before student is admitted to final exams
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